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Without | Zero Readers

The electricity of ears, gnawing.
A field finds fur crawled flat by
paralyzed tails, by those laid
open; who knew of webbed-feet
fear, tinted metallic-red and rodent
trots in the shallows.
By bones, broken bare in the belly
born so old; and lost
for the lust of Chenuzi.
The swallowed eye turned in a circle.
A gobble jeopardized jaws,
as rattles of tail needles rolled
into barbered balls; pried prickly paws
with diving logs and fragments
of scattering cracked assuaries.
Only lecithin’s brain for maculicollis’ hands.

Bongani Zungu/Singular Poet threads his poetry with the intent to reveal the subtle sophistry of knowledge in a simple, relatable way. His poems touch on a number of themes guided by life experiences, awareness, and a sense of imagination.
Some of his more recent work has been featured on
Odd Magazine, Provenance Journal, Catchwater Magazine and PoetrySoup’s second anthology: PS: It’s Still Poetry. Handle: @SingularPoet