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the end of the affair | Zero Readers

the end of the affair

by | Issue #4, Issues

crept   crawled   |   dragged   its   knees   |
stabbed elbows into polished   |   wooden
floors  |  eyes fixed on climax   |   between
crumbs   |   of    arguments    unspoken   |
twitches | spasms | of reluctance | the end
wrapped  |  thin fingers ‘round a scalpel  |
removed  the  appendage  |  a clean sharp
cut  |  under local anaesthesia | the patient
|  awake   |   facing a bright white room  |
aware   |   of a missing aspect of the self  |
unaware  |  of the intricacies behind  | the

D. Parker spends most of her days surrounded by books both at work and at home. In her free time she reads and occasionally lets words form on paper.