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To the Coming Cold | Zero Readers

To the Coming Cold

by | Issue #3, Issues

As the season stained in leaves
begins to yell through feral winds,
I watch the petals fall, each tinged
in kisses of decay;
like the greying of age
their colors begin to fade.
Reds soften to pinks like the flush of flesh,
purples dull like grapes left rotting on the ground,
blues pale like the dusty skies before a snow;
eventually, they all fall warmly into brown.
When I lift them from their place of rest
they fall apart like burned incense
that could only hold its shape undisturbed —
and I marvel at their broken form
as they lose themself amongst the potpourri
of dirt and leaves.

K. R. Everett is a 22 year old, Connecticut based writer born in Bremerton, Washington. They recently graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a B.A. in English Literature and have been an avid reader since they were young. They write mainly poetry and fantasy, with a focus on lyricism and imagery. You can find them on Twitter @humminghorrors.