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Somewhere in Between | Zero Readers

Somewhere in Between

by | Issue #3, Issues

“‘Cause I know I’m a sinner, but I could be a saint in your head.
No, I don’t got religion, but I’ll tip my hat to the dead.”
—VÉRITÉ, “Saint”

If I knew how to be alone, I would
deconstruct the fairy tales of my mind
and live somewhere in between
the fabrics of reality and words.

I’d travel to Sodom to taste its salt,
feel each crystal dissolve in my mouth
until it’s taught me the word love
and each of its spiritual refractions.

In Copenhagen I’d visit the little mermaid
on the Langelinie pier, a bronze soul
untouched by humanity.
She too lives among salt.

I’d stop in Rome for cooking classes
where I’d learn the dead rest inside
more than just history books.
I’d be told not to be afraid of salt.

Upon my return I’d sort my books,
place my Bible and my fairy tales
on the same shelf, take up sewing
and finally add salt to my grocery list.

Preston Smith (he/him) holds a MA in English literature, and his debut chapbook Red
Rover, Red Lover released from Roaring Junior Press in early 2020. He can be found on Twitter
(and Instagram!) @psm_writes tweeting about his cats, baking, and fairy tales. He’s particularly
interested in queer love and how it’s represented in literature, along with all forms of folk tales.