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Try counting raindrops in a storm | Zero Readers

Try counting raindrops in a storm

by | Issue #2, Issues

It’s UberEats. It’s super cheap.
It’s 3-4-2. It’s just for you.
It’s order now. It’s holy cow.
It’s extra cheese. It’s hidden fees.
It’s corporate culture. It’s awful vultures.
It’s Black Lives Matter, so do profits.
It’s idle chatter, new false prophets.
It’s market makers, movers, shakers.
It’s Wall Street wisdom.
It’s stocks that fly. It’s men that die.
It’s knees on necks. It’s fees and checks.
It’s bullish markets. It’s yearly targets.
It’s phones that break. It’s bones that ache,
And at last call, it’s the plans you make,
It’s the plans you make,
Going nowhere.

Ryan Alexander is currently working as a freelance editor and exam board administrator. He has a degree in Literature from Lancaster University.