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Poppy Cult | Zero Readers

Poppy Cult

by | Issue #2, Issues

I hold a catastrophe in my hands.
I make a tight cup to stop it struggling out.
It builds panic for an army marching,
frightened boys fake bravery,
their tears parachuting to death.
Missiles of burning birthday balloons
celebrate this cult of our making,
rivers of blood parading royal pageants
waving their hands to servants dismissed.
Crowds on the banks are having picnics;
banquets where people choke on poppies,
beatings for any person who won’t force a bite.
We open our hands to serve you up a feast,
I promise there will never be enough to eat.

Damien Posterino (he/him) is a poet currently writing full time after leaving his career in the corporate world as Sales & Marketing Director. He completed a BA at University in Australia where he majored in Social Anthropology and Marketing. Damien is Melbourne born but has also made London, Bangkok, Singapore & Mexico his homes at different times. His poetry explores themes of characters, commentary and capturing moments in time. You can find him on Twitter @damienposterino