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Constitution Hill | Zero Readers

Constitution Hill

by | Issue #1, Issues

to leave the house
around 5pm. work done. sunset
and seabirds shining brightly
in descent upon the river,
like headlights picking mica
from the surface of the tar
macadam street.

to walk up north, up
and onto constitution hill,
the shadow of social housing.
and in the park, trees stand
like men wearing raincoats,
quite threatening
with their hands pushed
down deep into their pockets.

to stop at o’briens
for a bottle of white wine
and some small beer for afterward.
I used to work here;
talk with the attendant,
he offers me no sign of recognition.
the manager nods vaguely, but serves
another customer; we don’t talk.
anyway, it’s been some years. to pay,

to leave with the beers
and the wine in a crumpled bag,
under one arm and uncomfortable,
in the manner of a cat,
crossing the street
I barely watch for traffic.
headlights fall around me,
like seabirds on a river
around sunset, 5pm.

DS Maolalai has worked as a dispatcher for mobile security, for hospitals and for maintenance contractors in three countries and on two continents. He lives in Dublin.