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A Prayer folding on a body | Zero Readers

A Prayer folding on a body

by | Issue #1, Issues

A  swollen  pigment  ablaze  like  an  Amarbel.
prophet.      saint.                                Pivot.
a skull in a jute rag but you care about 
moisturizers  and  dead  pigeons  in  the  alley. 
Sometimes,  I   find   the  thinness   of   things
remarkable. Wood is  pious, if not it becomes,
in some way. Can’t you see? religion is the lid  
over a manhole  out of which emerges a hand 
and  some hate it  for it veils the  shav  (body),
some  pray:  for  it   protects  them  from   the
unknown.  But  eventually,  everyone  finds  a
color for their torch hat.

Sarthak Kamble is currently a student. He lives with his three cats in India.